Thursday, September 19, 2013

Globalization and Apologies

I was surprised by the number of comments I received today mentioning the fact that I missed posting last night. Sorry, I was swamped. Several people who don't turn it in for extra credit brought it up as well. If you're here, you may as well get the points, right?

Either way, thanks for reading, and don't give up on me. I'm just a little behind on my grading.

Today we read and discussed globalization - and cheap labor. I didn't use the term "outsourcing." That will come up tomorrow.

Hopefully, students understand that cheap labor is the driving force behind globalization. I also hope they understand the term "interdependent." (Although I don't think we defined it until 2nd hour.)

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing the blog tonight, tell the adult you're reading it with why an American business my be interested in moving its factories to another country. Also, tell them what "interdependent" means - if you remember.

When you're done, write the words "dependence, independence, and interdependence" on a scrap of paper, and turn it in tomorrow.

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