Monday, September 9, 2013

Cultural Borrowing and Diffusion

My volleyball manager and I have been scanning in the homework from Friday.  I was hoping to have pictures up and ready to go today, but it didn't happen.  (If you didn't do the pictures, it'd probably be a good idea to get them done.)

We still don't have the website set up for you to download documents, but that will be coming soon.

We've been discussing culture the past several days.  Today we introduced the terms "cultural borrowing" which is when something from one culture makes its way to another culture.  (Even though, I don't plan on returning any of the pizza I "borrowed" from Italy, it's still considered cultural borrowing...)

And "cultural diffusion" is how all that cultural borrowing happens.  Word of mouth, travelling to other cultures, TV, movies, internet, etc...

I'll try to have some pictures up tomorrow, but I may write about 9/11 instead, as that's what we'll be discussing.

If you want credit for reading and discussing the blog, discuss cultural borrowing and cultural diffusion.  Can you give me any examples of phrases that have made their way into the English language?  Write a couple down on a piece of paper, and have the adult you discussed with sign it.

Here's my example of cultural borrowing:  Hasta la vista, baby.  (Method of cultural diffusion?  The movies.)

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