Monday, April 21, 2014

Japan and Grades

I just finished putting in a bunch of grades, so you may want to look over them.

If you weren't here today, we started working on a map of Japan.  You can download it from the H-Block Assignments folder or click the link.  It's not homework, but you should come to class tomorrow with everything labeled.  And bring your colored pencils.

I was anticipating writing a much longer blog post, but grades took too long.

Get that map done.  We're finishing it in class tomorrow.

Today we discussed Samurai and honor in class.  We also talked about gender roles in Japan in the 12th and 17th centuries.  Women had quite a bit of independence in the 12th century, which diminished over time - until you got to the 17th century when women in the Samurai class had very limited freedom indeed.

We discussed whether or not men and women are treated equally in America today.

If you want the extra credit today, discuss that with an adult.  Search the internet with them to see what it has to say on the topic.  Tell me what you find, and what you both think.  This assignment shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.  If it takes longer, you can feel free to continue - but if you're busy: stop.  Being in school an hour longer makes for a longer day: approximately an hour longer.

If you do this though, and want credit: write a couple thoughts on what you found, and have them sign off on it.  If they want to put their thoughts down too, I'd be glad to have them.

Turn it in tomorrow.

See you then.

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