Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christianity: Key Beliefs

Before we jump into today's post, it's worth mentioning that the end of the grading period is Friday.  If you haven't checked your grades in a while, now would be the time to do it.  If you're missing anything, in any class, I would get it done.

Yesterday we looked at the diversity within Christianity.  Today we're looking at some key beliefs that (almost) all Christians share.

  • Monotheistic: there is a God.  There is only one God.
  • God loves the world.
  • People sin - which took away access from God.
  • God sent his son, Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ took the punishment for human sin.
  • People can now have access to God again.
No matter what religion I'm teaching, I always try to offer the students a chance to correct me if I have misrepresented the beliefs of that religion.  I try to do that on here as well.  If you (students or adults) think that any of the bullet points above aren't shared by the majority of Christians, let me know.

One aspect of Christianity that generally arises is of the deity of Christ: do Christians believe Jesus Christ is God?  I tell my students that the majority of students believe Christ is God, but that there are some branches of Christianity which differentiate between Christ being God's son, and Christ being God.

We don't watch too many videos, but we watched one in here today.  It wasn't riveting, but it covered the basic concepts, beliefs and practices of Christianity.

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing the blog, look at the list above.  Would you change anything?  If so, what?  Would you add anything?  Write me a note and tell me.  Have the adult you read it with sign the note.  Turn it in tomorrow.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. I found this video by a gut named vesauce its called how old can we get but its about more then that is pretty intresting u should check out his channel.

    1. Thanks. I'll check it out.

    2. Good stuff. Experiences > Material.