Friday, January 23, 2015

Similarities Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Venn Diagram

If you've been keeping up with what we're doing in class, you know that we have a quiz on Tuesday.  It will include some multiple choice questions, as well as an essay section.

If you're interested in knowing the essay questions ahead of time, here they are:

1.  Compare the 3 major monotheistic religions we have studied.  Describe how they are similar, and how they differ.  Explain their main beliefs and practices.

2.  Who was Abraham?  Where was he from and why is he important to each of the three monotheistic religions?  What do each of the three monotheistic religions believe about him?

In class today, we took 3 mini-quizzes.  Two dealt with the pictures of the Five Pillars of Faith for Islam that the students had drawn yesterday.  I gave them a practice quiz first using pictures students had drawn last year.  Then they traded their pictures and gave each other a "pictionary quiz."

Then, we looked at some of the different beliefs of the 3 monotheistic religions we've been studying and put them on a Venn Diagram.  After I showed we went through the list, and they placed each on their own Venn Diagram, the students went and placed them on the board.

If you want some added practice, you could do it again.  Here's the Venn Diagram followed by the list:

2.Trace their roots back to Abraham
3.Name of God = YHWH
5.Does not eat pork
6.Founder is Jesus Christ
7.Founder is Abraham
8.Founder is Mohammed
9.5 Pillars of Faith
10.10 Commandments
11. Believe in a Messiah
12. Believe Jesus is the Messiah
13. Believe the Messiah has not arrived yet.
14. Uses the Old Testament/Torah
15. Uses the Torah only
16. Uses Old Testament AND New Testament
17. Uses the Qu'ran
18. Believes Jesus is God
19. Believes Jesus is a prophet
20. Believes Jesus was just a man
21. Oldest (c. 1700 BC)
22. Middle (c. 33 AD)
23 Newest (c. 600 AD)
24. Jerusalem is a holy city
25. Some branches/denominations wear head-coverings
26. Originated in the Middle East
27. Two greatest commandments are love God and love people

And now for the answers.


Don't cheat...


If you want extra credit today, you should have read and discussed the blog with an adult.  It'd probably be a good idea to think about which essay you're going to write.  You could even write a rough draft.  (No pressure though, it's the weekend.  ...Lets keep work at work...)  To prove that you were here, write a paragraph from your discussion, and have the adult you read the blog with sign it somewhere.

If you want to look at some other stuff to study, check it out:

...You could always quiz yourself.  Though, make sure you'relaxing a little bit too.  It is the weekend, after all.

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