Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quiz Day

Today was quiz day, but I guess you already know that since I've been posting about it for the past several days.

I plan on having the grades entered today by 5, but there's a chance I won't have them entered until tomorrow.  You should know that students have the option of having their scores emailed along with an answer key.  Several classes are now doing this.  If your son or daughter (or grand-daughter, grand-son, foster son, foster daughter, niece, nephew, etc...) doesn't have an email address or you just want to see the scores as well, you could ask them to add your email address.

Students should also be aware that I entered the grades for the Abraham's Journey map that we did together.  If you weren't here that day, or didn't turn it in, you can download it HERE.  You'll note that there are no instructions on that map.  That's because we did it together.  Get a finished copy from another student and ask them if you could copy it.

Also, when you borrow their map, ask them what TKWA stands for.  Tell them they'll get extra credit if they help you out.  (They should have written it on the back of the map, if they can't remember.  Write it on the back of yours.)

Tomorrow we're moving on to exploration and colonization.

If you want to get extra credit for reading and discussing the blog, tell the adult you read and discussed it with what "TKWA" stands for.  Then, write it down on a scrap piece of paper.  Have the adult you read with sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow in the extra credit tray.

...Ok, this has nothing to do with social studies, so feel free to ignore it.  Some students asked me how I came up with my password for today's quiz.  Well, here's your answer:

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