Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Arab Spring

The protests of the Arab Spring are fading from our memory.  Maybe you can recall that 4 years ago, a Tunisian fruit-vendor set himself on fire in protest of his government.  This, in part, led to protests in other countries - many of which overthrew their governments.  Some worked toward practical reform.  Some are continuing to fight today.

The test we took on Friday included a short map portion.  While many students did well on this, a fairly large section did not.  Since we're studying the Arab Spring - and then moving on to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, I thought it be a good idea to make sure students know the region of the world we're talking about.  So, yesterday they started working on a Middle East Map.  (If you weren't here, you may get one from the link.)

Tomorrow and Friday, we'll finish up our discussions on the Arab Spring Protests.  I would encourage you to keep following along with everything that's going on in the world.

If you want the extra credit, you were supposed to read and discuss the blog with an adult.  Tell them what we did today.  Tell them what you know about the Arab Spring.  Tell them how you did on your map.  When you're finished, write the phrase, "Keep on keeping on" on a scrap piece of paper.  Have the adult you read and discussed the blog with sign that paper for proof you were here and discussed the blog.

Turn it in tomorrow.

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