Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pictionary Part II

We've got a quiz on Friday.  It shouldn't be too overwhelming... just overwhelming enough.

As you know, the quiz will deal mainly with Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Indian Independence Movement.

One of the portions of the quiz will have a list of terms: beliefs, ideas, people, places, etc...  Students will have to place them with Hinduism, Buddhism or Both.

Here's a quick list:

  1. Karma
  2. Gandhi
  3. Moksha
  4. Eternal Spirit/ Brahman
  5. Siddhartha Guatama
  6. India
  7. 4 Noble Truths
  8. Reincarnation
  9. Nontheistic
  10. 5 Pillars of Faith
Today we finished up our quick discussion on banking, then we played some Pictionary.

If students want some extra credit today, they can get it by challenging an adult to the Pictionary game here on the blog.  Find a scrap of paper.  Adults have to write their guesses first.  Then students write their answers.

When you're done, have the adult you challenged sign the paper.  Turn it in tomorrow.

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