Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review: Pictionary

We've got a lot to review for: ISTEP, our Hinduism/Buddhism Quiz, and the Year-End Final.

We'll use a variety of styles to review.  Today, I gave students a couple minutes to look over their notes - especially some of the charts we've filled out throughout the year.  Then, we started the game.

The students were in groups.  Each group had 2 dry-erase boards.  Every group starts the game with 3 points.  One member of each group came up to me.  I wrote down a word - a term, concept, idea, name, etc... that we've learned this year.  (Today, I focused mainly on Hinduism and Buddhism, but I threw in a couple other items as well.)  The students went back to their desk and drew a picture of what I wrote.  Other members of the group tried to figure it out.  They couldn't shout out the answer, though.  They had to write it down and hold it up on the second dry-erase board.  The first group to hold up the correct answer earned 2 points.  The second group to hold up the correct answer earned 1 point.  Every other round or so, I'd choose 1 student to draw in front of the whole class on the SMARTboard.  Scoring was the same - 2 points for the first group with the correct answer, 1 point for the second.

Every once in a while, I'd ask students a bonus question.  It is offered first to the group with the lowest score, then works its way up to the group with the highest score.  For instance, after they drew a picture of "suffering," I asked them why I would have them draw that picture.  What did it have to do with social studies?  Or, after drawing "the middle path" I asked them to recount the story of Goldilocks.  ...And for an added bonus question, I asked why I would ask them to recount that tale.  Anybody?  Anybody?

Occasionally, students would complain that I should let everybody try for the extra credit questions.  I told them that they could change their strategy.  They could play for last place in order to get the questions...  Why not try that?  :)

The winning team got Jolly Ranchers.

That was our day in class.  If you weren't here, you missed out.  You totally would have been on the winning team.

If you want to make up the participation points, play the game here.  (Or, if you want extra credit points, you can play it.)  Write down what you think each of these pictures are supposed to represent.  Before you judge on artistic ability, remember that in Pictionary, one must draw fast.  If you don't know the answer, you have to give a guess.  Ask your parent (or whoever you're reading with) to guess for one before you give the answer.  They'll probably be wrong, since they weren't in here.  Write their guess next to your guess for at least one picture.  If they want to try all of them, that'd be great.

When you're done, turn it in tomorrow.  Make sure your name is on it.  Here are the pictures;

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