Friday, August 24, 2012


We started today with observations on a paperclip.  No, not because I was out of ideas.  Not because I'm obsessed with paperclips.  Not because I love giving students boring assignments.

It was a student from 6th hour who had the high score of 42 observations.  42.  That's a lot of observations on a paperclip, you know?

We did this for a number of reasons
  • to practice active observation skills
  • so I could see the skill level of students
  • so they could see their own skill level
  • but mostly to point out that:
If we can make 50 or 60 observations on a paperclip, how many observations can we make on our desk? The person sitting next to us? The classroom?  Indiana? The world?

In some ways social studies is a lot like science.  It deals with observation.  And there's something to be said for zoning out.  We can't possibly actively observe every aspect of the world 24-7.

I can't give you the whole discussion in blog form, but rest assured, it was a good one.  From observation, we went to organization - and started talking about Earth, latitude and longitude, continents and oceans.  We'll probably have a quiz on Monday.  Shhhh... Don't tell anyone.

If you want the extra credit, discuss the blog with an adult.  Then, write a list of the continents and oceans - if you have to look them up go ahead.  Have the adult you read the blog with sign the list.  Turn it in on Monday.  (Don't forget to put your name on it.)

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