Friday, August 31, 2012

Test and Battleship

I don't have that much to say...  I let the kids study for a couple minutes, and then we retook the C & O test.  Everyone did better.  Almost everyone earned an 11/11.  If a student still has an INC, they can retake the test whenever they want.

After that, we played Latitude and Longitude Battleship again.  Yesterday I felt like the kids regressed a little bit on finding coordinates, so we reviewed again before playing.  (Once again, if you go to the link, you can download the file.  Somehow it got changed in the download to mediafire - the lines are messed up and so is some of the kerning.  I hope it changes back when you download it... if not, just blame the teacher.)

I don't want to spoil your long weekend, so I'll keep this post short.

If you want credit for reading it and discussing it, write the following quote on a piece of scrap paper: "In the morning in the winter shade, on the first of March, on the holiday..."  Then, have the adult you discussed it with sign the paper.  (Adult, by signing the paper, you're stating that yes, you really did read and discuss the blog... even if that was only asking how they did on the C & O test, and if they won their L & L Battleship game...  It doesn't mean you have to play them, but if you did I bet their skills would improve.)

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