Monday, August 27, 2012

C & O test, Lat/Long Practice

In case you're looking at your childs grade, and in case you think: "Uh oh... he went from a really high grade to a really low grade really fast,"  I've got two words for you: calm down.

We did take the Continents and Oceans Test today.  It is a required 100%.  I'll give students more chances to complete the test after we've studied it for a while.

I'd like to point out that it's a 1st grade standard: SS1.3.2 2007.  I won't complain that students don't know it, as long as you don't complain that I'm forcing them to learn it.

We also worked on latitude and longitude practice again today.  This time, the standard came from 7th grade: SS7.3.2 2007 - although latitude and longitude are in there from 4th grade on up, I believe...

Well, if you'd like to get the extra credit points today  - students, you have to read and discuss this blog with an adult - preferrably an adult that you live with.  Discuss means talk about.  Ask questions about.  Questions like: what did you learn about latitude and longitude?  What do you mean, "Mr. Habecker says they shouldn't be called 'lines' of latitude and longitude?"

Then, when you're done discussing.  (Seriously, don't take too long... a minute or two at the most) go to THIS WEBSITE.  It's the blog of a former Concord student who is currently a peace corps volunteer in China.  Find a picture on his website and describe it in a sentence or two.  Have your parent sign that and bring it in.  It seems like a lot, but it really isn't.  And he has some really sweet pictures on there... Like this one, which you can no longer use:


  1. Thanks for the link... I'm glad I could help your students!

  2. Don't mention it about the link. Thanks for letting me use your pictures. I may email you asking for some... I can't get the html to work for them all on your blog. I think I'd need the actual picassa extensions.