Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was really stressing there for a minute.  I couldn't sign into my blog.  There was a technical glitch, but I worked around it.  Go me!

I'm not sure if my students are stressing or not, they have the continents and oceans retake tomorrow.  It would be a good idea to study for it.  Seriously.  I imagine the vast, VAST majority of them will earn 11/11 without having to study much, but it would save us all time if everyone passed.  They wouldn't have to take it anymore.  I wouldn't have to grade it anymore...  You see where I'm going with this...  (*AHEM*)...

We practiced a little bit more today, and then I had the kids draw their second World Memory Map.  They look better than the first.  Yes, this is what we're aiming for.

After that, we played some Latitude and Longitude Battleship.  (Click on the name if you want the directions and a board. *EDIT* I just went to mediafire and noticed that the grid is off... sorry about that.  I think if you download it, the equator should be back to normal... also, some of the kerning.)  I thought it would go a little bit more smoothly than it did.  C'est la vie I guess.  Some classes didn't actually get to play yet.  We'll be trying that out tomorrow after the test.

Friendly students, if you want the extra credit points for the blog tonight, you must read it and discuss it with an adult.  Then, when you've done that, write the following quote on a scrap piece of paper and get them to sign it.  "When Leo Tolstoy was writing War and Peace, his wife Sonya copied for him 7 times."

See you tomorrow.

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