Friday, November 11, 2011

Gains Gains Gains

Sup bloggies?

I'm really pleased with the way the class I'm in has been going.  (To all you out there reading this, that aren't yet aware, I'm taking a class on technology in education...)

I saw the greatest growth in learning about the opportunities to expand technology use.  There's so much I hadn't heard about until this class, and there's quite a bit I had heard about, but couldn't picture utilizing.

Let me give you some examples... check out pbworks to get started on an educational wiki.

If you're on this blog, you can probably already know the value of edu-blogging.

If you haven't heard of edmodo, check out this video:

I made my first WebQuest at QuestGarden.  (You can see the one I created here... it's pretty good)

This is all new stuff too...  such gains.

I'm going to use this blog to offer extra extra credit from here on out.  Go me.

That's not even mentioning stuff I knew about, but wasn't proficient in, such as Excel.  (I know, how did I get this far without knowing Excel?  ... One of the great mysteries of the world...)

The next real question is, "how will my teaching not change based on what I've learned."  I'm offering students more opportunities to use technology in their presentations, I'm planning on creating both wiki and edmodo pages.  I'm hoping to use this blog for extra credit.  I've sent them on their first WebQuest, and I'm planning on sending them on many more.

Technology is constantly changing though... I've got a good pace going, I'm not worried about keeping up.

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