Monday, November 21, 2011

Testing Testing 1...2...

Well, today we continued reading The Hunger Games and then we continued on with the test.

We will finish up the test tomorrow, and we'll grade it. Then, if there's time we'll read some more.

Admittedly, this test is taking longer than I thought it would. I think this is a problem all teachers run into. At what point should you say, "Alright! Enough! We've got to move on!"

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow we finish the test and continue on with the curriculum.

Incidently, I had some (2) students ask me now if I was getting paid to write the blog - if I had ads over to the sides that gave me .02% of a penny every time someone clicked on the link... or however that works.

If you're wondering the same thing, the answer is no. I don't... but it's a great idea. I'm just doing this to keep you all up to date with what's going on in my classroom.

If your kid wants extra credit for reading this blog, discuss with them the following questions:

Do you like Concord Junior High? Is it important to like school? Why or why not? In order to get the extra credit for reading this, parents (or other adult) must sign a piece of scrap paper along with the statement: "Please end the testing." (Parents, by signing your name, you're saying that yes, you did read and discuss this blog with your kid, and you're not just giving them free extra credit points.)

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