Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Test, By Any Other Name

We just finished up Day 2 of The Hunger Games. It's been a blast thus far. If you're wondering why I'm reading it to my class, please read yesterday's post.

We spent the rest of the time reviewing for the test. I'm a little worried. I'm not sure about the study habits of all of my students. I know some have studied quite a bit, others... Well, we'll see how prepared they are.

Here are a few questions from the test. (I gave these out in class too, so if you're worried that I'm giving an advantage to those with internet, don't be.)

An unelected group rules in this type of government, and rarely follows the rule of law.

Is it: Direct Democracy? Oligarchy? Dictatorship? Republic?

List the four reasons I gave that ancient civilizations were found near rivers.

What are the ingredients of culture, and give me an example of each.

We've been reviewing all week, so hopefully it pays off.

Seriously though, I'm most excited for The Hunger Games. I think that's true for all the kids too. Nobody gets excited about taking a test.

Students in my class can get extra credit by reading this blog. In order to do so, parents have to read the blog and ask them a couple questions.

Today's questions:

What's going to be on the test tomorrow? Did you study for it? Are you prepared? What's an oligarchy?

What happened in todays part of The Hunger Games? Tell me about it. Do you like the book? How did it tie in with social studies today?

If you want the extra credit, bring in a piece of scrap paper that's signed by your parent (or whatever adult you've discussed this with) along with the phrase: "I'm going to ace this test." Parents, by signing your name you're saying that yes, your kid really did discuss this stuff with you.

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