Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yesterday I mentioned we discussed the development of written language. I taught the kids that language was originally a mnemonic device - meant to help them remember something already knew, rather than to impart new information. Many ancient languages didn't have a strict grammar, spaces, capitalization or punctuation rules. When the students asked how they would read it, I gave them some examples. For yesterday's extra credit, they were to show you the examples and bring in the paper signed... Well, some of my students showed some great examples, others forgot how to do it, so I'll post some examples here. (I know that Y is sometimes a vowel, and often is in here... I'm keeping it in to make these a little easier...)






I'm sure you can come up with a lot more. The point is, you wouldn't be able to read those if you didn't already have some idea of what they said. Once you know what it says, you can pick out individual words - this is what made going from an oral history to a written history possible.

Today, we finished up the Christianity video. We started comparing Judaism and Christianity. Since Christianity came out of Judaism, there are a number of ways they overlap, and some good comparisons that can be made.

In order to get the extra credit today, discuss the following questions with your parent/whoever's in charge at your place. (If it's a parent reading the blog, discuss them with whoever's in my class...)

-What are some similarities between Judaism and Christianity?
-Why do they both trace their roots back to Abraham? Why is this a big deal?
-They both have a holy scripture, but how is it that the scripture between Judaism and Christianity are so similar?

After you've discussed this, extra credit can be awarded if you write the following on a piece of paper and have the adult in the discussion sign it: I wish we could learn about roller coasters in every class. Parents, don't forget that by signing this you're confirming that you really did talk about this stuff...

P.S. In case you didn't figure out that top stuff, it's The National Anthem, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and The Pledge of Allegiance.

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