Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Social Studies Through Literature

I have wanted to teach The Hunger Games to my kids ever since I read it back in 2008/2009. (I was actually a little annoyed that they didn't warn you ahead of time that it was going to be a series... other than that I loved it...)

Last year our block bought 20 copies of the book, and I bought 5 copies with my own money. We read it in my CAP class. It was a blast.

A couple copies are now missing, so we don't have enough to make a classroom collection, but in the spirit of promoting reading, and given the fact that it ties in so well with my curriculum, I've decided to take 10 minutes a day to read it.

The kids, for the most part love it.

We're only on page 10, and already multiple topics that I teach have crept up: unlimited government, social structure, standard of living, censorship...

I'm so excited.

If you're a student, and you read this, (or a parent/guardian and you read it with your child) you can get extra credit by discussing the following questions:

How does The Hunger Games tie into social studies?
What happened in the sections we read today?
Are you ready for Friday's test?
What do you think will be on it?

You can get extra credit by bringing in a piece of scrap paper signed by your parent (or whoever you discussed this with) along with the words: Hunger Games. (Parents, by signing this paper you're saying you really did talk about this stuff with your kid.)

Here's the trailer for the movie, in case you want to watch it again:


  1. I think you have a glitch; it looks like you got two copies of your post somehow.

  2. Well, I reposted it with the video... so I think it might have sent out two updates. Oops.

    I'll have this thing figured out before too long.

  3. Very nice...yes, there are two copies of it. Enjoyed reading it!

  4. ...What are you talking about? *gulp* Must have been a computer glitch. :)