Monday, March 19, 2012

Acuity Reviewity + Hunger Games

Wow... It seems like The Hunger Games is everywhere these days...  How will it live up to the hype?

We have acuity coming up on Wednesday.  Most classes are done with HG, so we're going to focus on Acuity until then.

It's interesting, some of my students don't see the value in reading during class.  I don't understand this.  The Acuity test will have something like five reading comprehension questions on it.  That's the social studies test.  ISTEP is the same way.  How can they not see that reading is a part - the KEY part - of every subject?

I was sometimes frustrated with how long it took to get through the book, but felt somewhat vindicated when I read THIS ARTICLE.  I'm working really hard to give your child the education they deserve - and not just teach to the test (or tests.)

That said, testing provides us with some good data.  So maybe you could ask and discuss these review questions:

Who decides what to produce in a command economy?  A market economy?

Which empire is the largest the world has ever seen?

What is "human capital?"

List an invention from ancient China.

 When you're done, write the following on a sheet of paper: "Should I change the world?"  Then, make sure your name is on it, and have the adult you've read and discussed it with sign it.

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