Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finishing the Games

(We're keeping this the same through Tues.)

I'm anticipating being done with The Hunger Games by the end of this week.  I'm also hoping that permission slips for the movie go out at the beginning of this week.

I've been reading the book with a very critical eye this time around.  I've been thinking, man, there's a writing prompt, or there's an essay question.

I've also been reading a book of essays on The Hunger Games.  It's called The Girl Who Was on Fire.  (If you click on the link, it will take you to reviews of the book.  ...I haven't reviewed it yet, as I'm not finished.)  Now, I wouldn't suggest reading this book unless you've read the whole series, but it's very good.  Most importantly, it has given me some ideas that I hadn't thought about - or at least, it's forced me to think about them in greater depth.  And it's given me more possibilities for discussion, writing prompts, and essays.

I think the best essay question comes from a student in my class though.  He caught me in the hall while I was supervising and asked, "Mr. Habecker, do you think non-violent non-cooperation would work against The Capitol?"

What an intriguing question.

To get the extra credit for this weekend post, discuss the blog with an adult that you live with.  Then write down two questions that could be essay questions for The Hunger Games.  They could deal with characters, or themes of the book.  They could compare the book and movie.  They could tie in with social studies, but they don't have to.  If they don't, I'll pass them off to Mr. Ogle if they're well thought out.

Finally, have the adult you discussed the blog with sign the questions.  Make sure your name is on it as well.

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