Friday, March 2, 2012

Goodbye Gandhi

So, I was at the school today and a student from my first hour class came up to me - really sad and dejected-looking and said, "Well Mr. Habecker..."


He kindof stammered around a little before tearing up a bit.  "Well... Gandhi died today."

"Well, he actually died in 1948."

The kid gave me one of those, 'you're an idiot' looks.  "I know that Mr. Habecker... uggg... you know what I mean."

Yeah, I do.

So today, discuss with your parents/ an adult what you thought about Gandhi.  Why was he killed?  What do you know about the Indian Independence Movement?  Gandhi had called for three things to happen in order to gain a successful, peaceful independence: 1- get rid of the caste system/ untouchability; 2-there needed to be Hindu/Muslim unity; 3-defy the British.  Which of these were the Indians able to accomplish?  Which didn't they accomplish as well as Gandhi would have liked?

In order to get the extra credit on Monday, read and discuss the blog with a parent or adult (preferably one that lives in your home.)  When you are done, write the following sentences on a scrap piece of paper: "The odd thing about assassins, Dr. King, is that they think they've killed you.  I read and discussed the blog with__________________."  Then have the person you read and discussed it with sign on the line.

Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr Political Cartoon

(Image credit: Asia Society)

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