Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well, the test went well.  I gave the students 4 essay questions to choose from - they had to answer 2.  The actual test was only 30 questions, not the usual 3-day, 100 question behemoth I generally give.

I'm writing this while their still in here working...  At this point, all the grades are up to date.  Extra credit has been awarded, and late work graded.  It might be wise to check STI to see if they're missing anything.  Honestly, this would go for all classes.  The end of the marking period is this Friday.

To get the extra credit today, discuss what was on the test with an adult.  (Preferably one from your home... but honestly, any adult will do...)  Do you think you did well?  Why or why not?  What were some of the questions?  Which essays did you answer?  BAM!  Extra credit awarded!

After you finish discussing the blog, write the following on a sheet of scrap paper: "BAM!  Extra credit awarded!"  Don't forget to have the adult you discussed it with sign the sheet, and make sure YOUR NAME is on it as well.

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