Thursday, March 15, 2012


We've got the acuity test coming up next week, and there are bound to be some geography questions on it.

So, in preparation for that, to get the extra credit today, you have to play ASIA (Click the word ASIA...) 5 times after going through the tutorial once.  PLAY THE MIDDLE COLUMN: COUNTRIES.  Make sure to print your scores, then turn them in tomorrow.  I know it will take a little more time, but remembering the Student Accountability Plan, and Acuity's impact on the plan - it's probably worth it.

Also, if you don't play the game the full 5 times you can turn in what you did and get some extra credit.

Remember, you can ALWAYS get extra credit by playing those games.  I've had a couple students who have been really cashing in lately - turning in a blog PLUS the online games.  Well played.

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