Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rue's Flowers

We have all past the Rue scene now.  (I don't want to spoil it for any of the parents who haven't read the book yet... if your kid tells you - that's fine.)  Katniss wants to shame the Capitol, and in her speech ends up saying, "I want to do something, right here, right now, to shame them, to make them accountable, to show the Capitol that whatever they do or force us to do there is a part of every tribute they can't own."

It reminds me of a scene from Gandhi, which I think we edited out this year for the sake of time.  (Fair warning: there are a couple of minor swears in here if you don't fast forward to the part I'm telling you.)  I would start the clip at 2:45 and watch until 4:00.

Gandhi here is essentially saying the same thing.  It's an interesting theme of power that plays out in many stories and all throughout history.  It took America a long time as a country to grasp this very concept.  Sometimes I wonder if we have it even now.

In order to get the extra credit today, watch the Gandhi clip and discuss how it relates to The Hunger Games with a parent or adult.  If they're okay with it, tell them about Rue's flowers.  Tell them what Katniss was so upset about.  Tell them what Peeta had said up on the roof.

Finally, write the following sentence on a piece of scrap paper and have the parent or adult you read and discussed the blog with sign it:  "I keep thinking of a way I can show the Capitol they don't own me."  

See you tomorrow.

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