Thursday, October 11, 2012


I passed out books today.  If you have a chance, please get them covered.

Our bellwork was a review of economic spillover - you know, the unintended consequences of economic development...

And then, we worked on the Africa map.

Those are not homework, and we'll be finishing them up tomorrow.

It's another short post.  (I guess it's been a while since that's happened...)

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing the blog today, review and discuss economic spillover.

Then, write the following quote on a scrap piece of paper, and have the adult you discussed the blog with sign it: "Philadelphia, Philadelphia - there's something I just gotta tell ya."


  1. Hello I thoght this was a very short and interesting blog today Mr.Habecker! Good Job keep up the Good Work!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. I appreciate it.