Friday, October 19, 2012

Rivers, Population Density, and Civilizations

Yesterday we talked about the importance of agriculture, and the reasons ancient civilizations were found near rivers.

Today we looked at that a little bit more closely - including population density, and river terms.

Here's a picture we drew 7th hour.  It's not the best, but I erased the other ones.  I don't generally have the river snake eating someone, but whatever...  I had a little time while the students were working.  (Apologies to the family of the stick figure man being devoured.)

We talked a little bit about why a river's delta is called a delta.  I didn't teach them the entire Greek alphabet, but I did also point out that's where we get the term "alpha, bet..." (αβ)

We also looked at the difference between population and population density.  I put students in taped in areas at the front of the room.  One was over a desert... well, we changed it to The Sahel - not quite so dry... Another had a river running through it.  (A student wearing blue was the river.  He had to make a delta by raising his arms in the air.  Good jobs to all rivers.)

I think most students understood the difference before the end.  It's always encouraging when they struggle with something at the beginning of class, but then completely get it at the end.  (Or at least appear to...)

Here's the last picture from the day:

YO!  STUDENTS!  If you want extra credit, read and discuss this blog with an adult.  Tell the adult about the boxes of tape, what did you think about the activity?  Did you go in either box?  Were you a river?  What did you have to say to get to go into the box with the river?  Why?  Etc...  I'm sure you can think of plenty more to talk about.

When you're finished discussing, find a scrap piece of paper and write me your favorite part of the activity.  Then, have the adult you discussed it with sign the piece of paper.

Have a great weekend.  I look forward to meeting a bunch of parents on Monday.  Students, make sure you come too.