Thursday, October 4, 2012

How'd You Explain THAT... Gotta Love 1902

As we discussed how technology is shrinking the world, along with globalization, I asked the kids to explain the internet to someone - my grandpa Roy, actually - from 1902.  (Maybe I mentioned this yesterday...)  I turned it into our bellwork.  They had to write using dialogue, so it was good practice for English/LA as well.

The point was twofold: one, it showed how much technology has connected the world, and two, it showed the underlying difficulty inherent in teaching.  Rote teaching, doesn't teach for understanding.  The kids could have given Roy a definition including words like "digital, pixel, computer, microchip, mouse, screen, facebook, google, etc..." and Roy could have memorized what they said.  But he would haven't have understood what the internet is.

Teaching is the same way.  Mrs. Gowdy knows far more math than these 7th graders.  It's easy to explain, but it's difficult to teach and explain in a way students will understand and learn.

To get the extra credit points tonight, take that challenge.  Explain the internet, and how it has effected the world, increased the rate of globalization, etc... Explain that to someone from 1902.  Kids, I'm suggesting you be from 1902 first, since you already did this.  Then reverse roles - adults, you're from 1902.  Tell me how it went on a piece of paper.  Then, have the adult sign the paper.

I know this is 1901, and 1902... but I really like this band:


  1. Nice blog Mr Mobs.
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  2. Thanks, Chandler. See you tomorrow.