Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Here are the essay questions for the test tomorrow.  (The essay portion will actually be on Thursday.)

Students have to choose two of the four.

When we hear that the economy is bad, we know it has to do with people who are unemployed, and it has to do with money.  For this essay question, explain what the economy is, and how it relates to employment and money.  Furthermore, explain the differences between a strong economy and a weak economy.

Being as thorough as possible, explain globalization and its positive and negative impact on cultures.  Furthermore, explain how technology is speeding up this process – how technology is “shrinking the world.”

We have discussed standard of living at length in this class.  Two indicators of standard of living are infant mortality rate, and literacy rate.  Explain what these are, as well as how they indicate standard of living.  When giving examples, make sure the evidence and quantity are substantial.

What is a culture?  Give some (at least 5) examples of various aspects of culture, and explain why they are important and relevant.  

Students received this today along with a scoring rubric.

To get the extra credit for reading the blog today, discuss two essay answers.  Then, write one essay.  Read it to the person you discussed the blog with and have them sign it.  Turn it in tomorrow in the extra credit tray.


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