Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Pictures

Dear Earthlings,

We're finishing up globalization and moving on to economics in general tomorrow or Friday.

Students today did some *shock* book work.  ...Yes, it still exists.  After that, we continued our discussion on technology's impact on globalization and society in general.

My grandfather was born in 1902.  My father in 1941... hopefully they don't mind that I'm publishing that online...  You'll have to look up the history of the automobile on your own - and what constitutes a horse-less carriage that was accessible to the majority of the world...  For all intents and purposes, my grandfather was born before the car.  True, Oldsmobile was producing in 1902, and there were precursors to that - history builds on itself as does technology.  But the Ford Model T didn't come around until 1915, and in Lancaster County Pennsylvania in 1902, automobiles were still a long way off.  My grandfather went from walking, to driving, to flying, to seeing the U.S. put a man on the moon.  (We think, right?)

I asked my 7th hour class to imagine my grandfather at their age.  They've somehow found themselves back in time 1914 or so... They're tasked with explaining the internet, and how it's impacted the world.  It's tough, given they couldn't use words like "digital, computer, pixels, etc..."

Anyway, maybe I'll make that tomorrow's bellwork.  Currently, I have it set to be, "Finish the picture you started in class yesterday."

We'll see.  The students started a visual representation of "Technology is Shrinking the World."

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing this, write three sentences about how the discussion went.  Have the adult you discussed it with sign the paper with those sentences.

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