Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Economic Spillover 2012

I wrote about my economic spillover lesson last year in this post.

You can see some pictures from the lesson there.

I have 2 meetings to get to today, so I'm keeping the blog post short.

I thought it'd be worth putting the definition up here though:

Economic Spillover: The positive and negative unintended consequences/outcomes of economic development.


Negative: pollution, loss of land, increase in population may lead to an increase in crime

Positive:  higher standard of living, higher population leads to more opportunities for business

If you want the extra credit, read and discuss the blog with an adult.  You should discuss economic spillovers of course - but also discuss the pictures you drew, and how they relate to the concept.  Remember, you drew pictures of a pitcher and water...

When you're done, write the phrase "Poppy heads up that I found on the ground." on a scrap piece of paper, and have the adult you read and discussed the blog with sign the paper.

*EDIT*  I just finished grading the Technology is Shrinking the World Pictures that I assigned last week.  I figured I'd post a couple on here.  Feel free to tell me what you think.

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