Friday, May 24, 2013

Finish Maps

Many, many, many of you are done with your China maps.  If you're not - go work on those instead of reading this post.  Seriously... that's more important.  What?  You're willing to get 5 extra credit points, but sacrifice a map that's worth 35 points?  That's not too bright.  Do that first.  If there's time, come back to this.

Speaking of the map, you should have picked up the question cards before you left school.  Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.  If you didn't - HERE YOU GO.  You have to get them from that link.  The H-Block Grade Level Resources site is down.  Don't worry - tech support has been notified.  (Because I'm sure you were heading to the phone to call them yourself...)

Today in class we worked on the China map.  A couple classes were able to grade it - however, most of them will be graded on Monday TUESDAY!   WOO-HOO!  Three-day-weekend!

So, here's an easy extra credit for you - tell your parent (or whichever adult you're reading the blog with) how you think you did on the map.  And then tell them what you're looking forward to most this weekend.  If you're reading this at the end of weekend, tell them what your favorite part was.

Write it down on a piece of scrap paper, have them sign it, and turn it in on Tuesday.

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