Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In the Books?

The idea is that all the grades from the presentations are in the grade book by now.  We'll see if I can get them all in.  Feel free to go to STI and check.  I don't have a car today, and my ride is leaving by 3:50 - maybe earlier - wish me luck.

That said - they're all finished.  Everyone should know a little bit about China's first "first" emperor.  They should have a handle on how he unified the country, what it means that he standardized the culture, why he had a problem with the teachings of Confucius, his role in the building of the Great Wall, and how he died.

If you want the extra credit, briefly discuss each one of those aspects of Qin's reign with an adult.  When you're done, write down which group (other than your own) you learned the most about.  Write a sentence telling me why you think this is.

Have the adult you discussed with sign the paper.  Turn it in tomorrow.

Does anybody else feel like it's Friday?

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