Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I realized that even with all the maps we've done, we haven't really done anything dealing with scale.  So today, that's what we focused on.

We also read an article about Xi Jinping - the new president (and party leader) of China.

Although the article was about Jinping, it was read more as a review.  Any time we read through a topic we had discussed earlier in the year, students could buzz in and make the connection.  For instance, the article opened with "As Americans went to the polls in November..."  Already students were buzzing in and explaining representative democracy.  Sometimes it was a stretch - "But they are also rivals for military influence in Asia..."  MR. HABECKER!  It's like Gandhi!  The British wanted to have all the military influence in Asia, and the Indians wanted them out!

...I'll give it to you.

I was most pleased when the students could make connections to the economy, standard of living, or human capital.  Those were a little more difficult to pick up on, rather than China itself - which was a pretty obvious connection, since yesterday's bellwork was a map of China's natural barriers.

Students, read and discuss the blog with an adult if you want extra credit.  If you do that, write down the name of your favorite musician or song.  Have the adult you read it with sign the paper.

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