Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm really planning on covering China over the next couple of days.  But today we finished up the United Nations and briefly talked about industrialization and urbanization.

We'll spend a little more time on those topics tomorrow.  I showed the students and original piece of art done by a Goshen College student.  We discussed it, and will probably continue the discussion tomorrow.

Most classes also talked about the factory collapse in Bangladesh.  We'll discuss that a little more in depth tomorrow as well.  We looked at this graphic:

We'll discuss this in a little more detail tomorrow as well.

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing the blog this evening, describe the picture I showed you to the adult you read the blog with.  Describe what it looked like, and tell them what you think it meant.  Then, find a scrap of paper, and have the adult you discussed the blog with write two sentences describing the piece of art.  (I know, right?  The adult has to write this time... Sorry about that, adult...)  Have them sign it as well.

Also, to the student that has the Dr. Seuss book with the intro - if you're reading this again tonight, I hope you're allowed to bring it in and show it to me.  (I didn't post your name because I didn't want to add to your digital footprint...)

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