Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everything Changes

And yet, when I think of "revolution" I think about change.  How can I not?

The earth revolves around the sun.  Winter turns to spring.

The desperation of a Tunisian street-vendor is manifest by self-immolation, leading to mass-protest, mass-change, mass-revolution.

Revolution.  Arab Spring.  Change.

And the change is not the same.

The excess of snow brings flooding one spring.  The next year it comes late.  Or early.

After waiting a decade, it will still be too early to understand the implications and consequences and after-math of the Arab Spring.  And during that entire time more changes - complicated changes - will have occurred.

We played "A Dictator's Game of Choices" today.  We'll probably play another round tomorrow.  I hope that what the students gain from playing is that no two changes - no two revolutions - are the same - although it's important to look at them, and study them, and apply the lessons of history to our own country and to our own lives.

If you want the extra credit for reading this, tell the adult you read it with what happened in the game today.  What did your class decide, and how did that turn out for you?

Somehow prove to me that you read and discussed the blog.  It has to be in writing.  Then have the adult you read it with sign whatever proof you wrote.  Turn it in tomorrow.

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