Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pop Goes the Quiz

We had a 25 point pop quiz on governments today.  You can check your grades online to see how you did.  They should be posted by now.  If they're not check back in half an hour.

If you weren't here today, it's your responsibility to remind me tomorrow that you didn't take the quiz.  I don't think it's that difficult.

After the quiz, we played A Dictator's Game of Choices again.  Several students said I should post it to the blog, but I've decided to take it out of cyber-space.  I'm debating selling it, so who knows?  Maybe I can make a good... twelve dollars and fourteen cents off of it.

For real, I was up until well past midnight working on it last night.  Go me.  I put another line of options on there.  Now, instead of cracking down on the protesters or doing nothing, the dictator can try listening to their demands.

If you want the extra credit today, read the blog with an adult.  Then tell them how you did on the quiz.  Also, tell them about the game, and how it turned out for your class.

When you're done, write the following quote on a piece of scrap paper, then have the adult you read and discussed the blog with sign it: "I still believe there is something up that sleeve.  And I do concede there is so much I can't see.  I won't believe there is nothing."  - Andy Hull

Turn it in tomorrow.

See you then.

By the way, there were a couple "extra" extra crediters yesterday.  Maybe that could be you?

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