Thursday, January 30, 2014


And we're on to the controversial topics.

Today I asked my students if they believed in God.  They had to explain why they believed God exists or doesn't exist.

I told them that if God doesn't exist, then - on a personal level - the question isn't very important.  Of course, if God does exist, then the question suddenly becomes much more important and relevant.

We discussed heaven and hell and went over some religious etymology - at least the beginnings of it: mono, poly, pan, theos, gnosis, etc...

To get the extra credit today, you should have read and discussed the blog with an adult.  Ask them their thoughts on god.  Why do they believe?  Why don't they?

When you're done, write two sentences from the conversation on a piece of paper, and have them sign it.

Turn it in tomorrow.

If you read this and have a facebook account, post it and tag 3-5 friends from class reminding them they can get extra credit as well.

See you tomorrow, unless there's another polar vortex.


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    -A friend

  2. i asked my mom. she said god is a person that you look to when you are down and dont know what to do. he is our savior. and if it wernt for him we wouldn't be here today.
    Riley P. 4th hour