Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For those of you who have been reading these posts and receiving the extra credit: good work.  I'm sorry about yesterday's post.  (Yesterday, I posted instructions on how to access files from home.  Unfortunately, there is some sort of glitch that prevented this from happening.  The good news is I contacted our technology coordinator and they're working through the issue.  Thank you to the family that sent in the screen shot of the problem.  -You know who you are.)

Today, I want you to access something else.  Look up your grades on STI.  See what you're missing.  Students know how to do this, we've done it from school before.

We only have 12 more days in this marking period.  Right now is the time to make up missing assignments, or turn in extra credit.  If you put it off any longer, it will be too late.

Granted, most of you will have good grades.  If you have good grades, I suggest you get a pat on the back right now from the person you're reading this with.

*My word people, you'll never believe what just happened.  I just got a call from Mrs. Paulus.  She told me that Stoneware was down last night (corporation-wide), which is why files couldn't be accessed.  But it's working again.  I told you she's good.  Also, be aware that Stoneware has some issues if you're using it with Firefox 8 or 9.  So, for the second part of the homework - after checking grades - read yesterday's blog entry.  If you can't access your files, try using a different web browser - such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.  Open up the graded copy of your Hammurabi presentation and discuss it as per yesterday's instructions.

To get the points today, after you've finished the above, write the following quote on a piece of paper: "All three monotheistic religions trace their roots back to Abraham."  Then have the adult that went over your grades saw your powerpoint sign the piece of paper.

(Don't forget to cover those books too.)

*If you're kid says 7th hour didn't get them yet... tis true... Lucky kids getting out of more homework.*

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