Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome to India

India is a fascinating place to study.  It's so diverse.  The country has hundreds of languages, with 18 official languages.  (Check it out.)  Granted, it depends how you define "official" to get this number.  But with hundreds of languages and dialects, it would be difficult to debate the linguistic diversity of the country.

We'll get into that later though.  Today we worked on the map during the bellwork time, then we watched a video about Hinduism.  The students get a lot of the video - but they won't realize what all they've picked up until we discuss it tomorrow.  It is a fascinating topic to discuss.

Yesterday for bellwork, they worked on their new religions chart.  (It can be found HERE if you need a copy.)  The chart has the three monotheistic religions, along with Hinduism.  All four religions have a lot of similarities, but Hinduism - being pantheistic/polytheistic - is very distinct.

The students need to bring four things with them to class tomorrow:
  • Their map (it should be almost finished)
  • Their colored pencils
  • Their Hinduism Video Viewing Guide
  • Their Religions Chart
Here's the map, with instructions.  (They won't have a blue book, so they should look up the countries and cities online.)



Tomorrow's blog entry will be much more discussion heavy than today's or yesterday's.  Really, I'm just hoping you kids bring everything you need tomorrow.  You might want to read that list again.  Also again.  And again.  One more time.  Ok... that was all a big joke.  Ha.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Seriously, *wipes tears from eyes* seriously, don't forget that stuff.

To get the extra credit, you should have read the blog entry with a adult that lives with you.  If you (collective) did read it, write the following quote on a piece of paper and have the adult sign it.

Quote: "No wonder you rise in the middle of the night/ to look up the date of a famous battle in a book on war."  -Billy Collins  (Extra extra credit to the person who gives me the name of the poem that came from.  I can't recollect what it is...)  Remember your stuff tomorrow.


  1. I thought about posting the title here but figured that wouldn't be very nice. ;) Guess what! I just had my first set of extra-credit notes handed to me! YAAAAY! ^.^

  2. What do you mean posting the title? You mean linking to it? You should have. : )

    Nice work!

  3. WAIT A SECOND! You meant to the poem... You rat.

    I'm glad you didn't.

    But nice work on the E.C.