Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to the Grind

This will be a short post: I have to go coach chess.  (That should be good news for those of you who just want the extra credit points...)

I gave back the powerpoints today.  It was a great project.  At this level, we don't do too much research.  I was surprised how well they all did.  They were supposed to save it to their network drives - which means you should be able to access them from home.  (I know many of you had trouble with this last time.  I'm going to find out why by tomorrow night.  That's my promise to you.)

Because the scoring was so much more objective than usual, many of the grades weren't as high.  For instance, even though a student had a 17 slide presentation, he still received an F because 16 of the 17 slides were background information on Hammurabi. 

It took me an average of 7 hours a class to grade these.  ...I'm glad we had a 17 day break.  I put a lot of notes on them. 

Here's how you can get the extra credit for today.  See if you can open up the graded powerpoint.  If you can open it, read the notes I left and discuss them.

If you can't, tell your parents your score and what we discussed in class.  Mention pronouns, and restating the question.

In order to get the extra credit, write a paragraph mentioning what we discussed in regard to pronouns and why it's important to restate the question.  Then have that signed by the adult you discussed it with.


  1. SEVEN HOURS PER CLASS? Crikeys, Phil!

  2. Yeah, no joke. It was crazy town. I had the students respond to all the comments I made, I was so worried it was going to be all for naught.

    Also, next time I'll have a template made up with the rubric attached - that way I won't have to copy and size it 160 times.

    Granted, we did have 17 days off for break this year. (Counting weekends...)