Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tihs Deosn't Mkae Snese

We read from the textbook today, and discussed the trans-Saharan trade - continuing on from the gold/salt trade activity we did the other day.

We don't read from the books too often, but I enjoy it every once in a while.  The students don't like it as much as The Hunger Games or the gold/salt activity, but if we're preparing students for the future, they'll probably have to continue doing somethings they don't enjoy there as well.

While reading we discussed some reading strategies: sub-vocalizing, sounding out tough names and practicing them, slowing down, timing, etc...

We also discussed some reading theory today.  We discussed phonics and whole word, we discussed "sounding it out..."  I tyepd a lttile on the baord lkie tihs.  I thnik msot poeple are albe to raed this.  It's because once you can read, your brain doesn't recognize individual letters anymore, it recognizes whole words.

The class went well.  We're going to finish up the trans-Saharan trade tomorrow, then move into colonization, India, and Hinduism.

In order to get the extra credit, read the blog and discuss it with an adult in your home.  Then, write the following word on a piece of scrap paper and have the adult sign it: Ivory.  Make sure you have your name on the scrap paper as well. 

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