Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Mad Rush

Today we read.  If you'll allow me to be candid for a moment, I'm getting a little nervous.  We're about a third to half-way through The Hunger Games.  The kids love it.  It's helping their reading skills, grammar, linguistic, etc... AND it ties in with Social Studies.

The problem is there's so much we're supposed to cover in class.  And, even though I believe this may be more beneficial in the long run, I feel this self-imposed pressure to move on to a new topic.

Even so, I keep coming up with more and more ways it ties into the curriculum.  I was just thinking about economic systems - which we studied about a LONG time ago... the book contains all 4: The Capitol is a Command System - telling each district what they must produce.  (12 produces coal, 11 agriculture, etc...)  But, inside each District, they use the Market System - people have money and prices are set by supply and demand...  BUT, in The Seam (part of District 12) the people don't have money.  Katniss has to poach her food and trade for other food and goods - which is a Traditional System...  And of course, because none of these economic systems is pure, they're all examples of Mixed Systems.  Maybe I should bring that up to my classes tomorrow...

At any rate, we're reading again tomorrow, assuming we're in school...  WHICH WE WILL BE.  Don't bank on a delay people, that's always dangerous...

I wish I could have a copy of The Hunger Games for every student.  Then we'd be able to get through with time to spare.

After reading today's uber-short blog, discuss the following: what's going on right now in the book?  On a scale of 1-10, how do you enjoy it?  Who is your favorite character, and why?

After discussing the questions, write the following phrase on a piece of paper, and have the adult that you read the blog with sign it:  "If this is only a test, I hope that I'm passing..." 

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