Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, I got to the school at 5:50 this morning... they weren't lying to you.  It was pretty foggy.  I was planning on setting up for a game we're going to play dealing with the salt/gold trade of West Africa during Ghana's empire.  Unfortunately, the two hour delay put the kibosh to that.  Siempre tenemos manana...

We did read and discuss the trade for a little bit.  I haven't read from the textbooks all year, so that went well.  (If you haven't covered your book yet, make sure you do tonight...)

Today's bellwork question asked whether or not students agreed with the statement: "Salt is worth its weight in gold."  We discussed that question at length as an introduction to Ghana's empire.

You can get extra credit points tonight if you read and discussed the blog with an adult at home.  If you're wondering what to talk about, ask the following questions:

Where is Ghana anyway?  Is salt worth its weight in gold?  Why is gold worth more than salt today?  Is your book covered?

If you've discussed (you know, like a real discussion) those questions, write the following quote on a piece of paper and have the adult from home that you discussed this with sign the paper.

Quote: "I know a story of a woman turned to salt.  I know a story of a woman turned to gold."

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