Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Does Everything Take Longer Than I Think It Should?

Perhaps you can guess from today's heading how I think class went today...  I think I gave the students too long to finish their maps.  So we didn't get to the discussion...  which means we'll push that back to tomorrow or Friday.  Tomorrow doesn't work so well because we'll be grading the maps... which leaves Friday.  Of course that means we won't be reading The Hunger Games this week.  I HATE going that long without reading.  It really breaks up the flow of the book.  Though, I guess I have to wait a week between episodes of The Office and I can still follow what's going on...

We did talk a little about the caste system pyramid:

Some classes even got a pretty good discussion going.  We compared the social structure in the U.S. to the caste system.  We also looked at similarities between racism and the treatment of the untouchables.

However, it was still a very surface-y discussion.

I was impressed by a couple classes bringing up The Hunger Games.  We were going to get to that once I started going over the notes in earnest.  Some students brought up how the top tier of society is The Capitol, and the higher the district number, the lower standard of living, and the lower you were in the social structure pyramid.  Very perceptive.  One student even mentioned that the Avoxes were like the untouchables.

I love connections.

To my class: make sure you have your map tomorrow.  We're grading it.

If you want the extra credit, make sure you discuss the blog with an adult at your house.  Then, on a scrap of paper, write down three points that came up in the discussion.  Have the adult sign the paper. 


  1. I thought you might appreciate this:

  2. I haven't joined EC Ning because... well, it requires joining... I have so many online things to keep track of...

    I may join just to check out the article though. I really like Szymborska. (Though my favorite Polish poet is Anna Kamienska...)