Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I can't believe I'm posting in the morning.  This is great!  Maybe I'll be able to set up the Colonization Simulation during prep today, and then I won't have to put in another 14 hour day, like yesterday.

My second hour class is at a job fair, in case you're wondering what I'm doing.  I could be up with them, but as I'm already gainfully employed I think this is a better use of my time.  Mrs. K. Dutton is up there with them as well, so they're not just roaming the halls.

Natural resources, natural resources, natural resources.  If there's one thing I want students to get out of this lesson, other than a review over karma, the caste system, and Hinduism in general, it's natural resources.

I gave the students a handout on exploration that Mr. Cowells gave me.  It's basically a cut and paste from thinkquest. How I long for the day when we have paperless classes, and I can just send students to that link to get the information.  There is Sooooo much we could do if every student had his own computer.  The future continues to impress me.

If you want some extra credit points, go to the THINKQUEST site and discuss the reasons for exploration with an adult that lives in the same house as you.  THOUGHTS:  Were some reasons better than others?  What are the implications of the sentence under Gold, Silver and Precious Stones,  "They believed that Asia was loaded with gold, silver, and precious stones, so they decided to find it and bring it back."  What about the section, Larger Empires?  Any thoughts on that one?

If you want credit for discussing this blog, write down the headings from each of those sections from the thinkquest website.  Then, write the sentence, "I discussed the thinkquest website with_________________________." on a piece of scrap paper.  Finally, have the person you discussed the blog and website with sign on the line.

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