Monday, February 6, 2012


Be very, very quiet.  I'm coaching chess right now.  We're treating the games like a tournament today, since we have the team qualifier coming up in a week...  Which means I can't play, and I can't give hints - not that my hints are that helpful.  I'm more a chess "sponsor" than "coach," if you know what I mean...  Coaching chess is a humbling job indeed...

We read The Hunger Games for five minutes, one day last week.  If we keep up that pace we should get through it somewhere around the spring of 2045.  So, today we read all day.  But this will be the only day this week that we get to read, so that's only bumping us up to finishing the book around spring 2044.

It looks like we have the green light to see the movie though.  (Assuming we finish the book...) We'll work out the logistics later.

Today, if you want the extra credit, discuss what's happening in the book with some adult that you live with.  (If the adult you're discussing this with plans on reading the books, maybe you should find a different adult to discuss these questions with...) Answer the following questions:  How does the theme of trust play into the book?  Who does Katniss trust?  Who does she distrust?  Why?  How does being constantly watched affect the different levels of trust in the book?  For instance, would you act any differently if you were at a birthday party and you knew someone was videotaping you?  Why?  How does that relate to the "trust" issue in the book?

Tracker Jacker Baby
(Thanks, Dekalb for letting us use your Tracker Jacker...)

After you've discussed these questions, write the following quote on a piece of scrap paper to prove that you've read today's blog: I'm a tracker jacker attacker.  Then, have the adult you read the blog with sign the paper.  Adults, by signing that scrap paper, you are signifying that you read and discussed the blog with whoever it is in my class wants the extra credit.  Please don't sign it unless you really did discuss it.

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