Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well, progress reports came out today. Overall, grades were good - though there were a couple bad grades in the mix. It's interesting that I'm offering more extra credit than ever, and I still have some students with low grades...

At any rate, you can get some extra credit today by discussing the following with an adult - preferably one that you live with, like a parent, or auntie, etc...

Tell what happened in today's segment of Gandhi. What points did Mr. Cowells stop it? Why?

Compare what's happening/ what happened to the Indians to the Burmese in "Shooting an Elephant" or the Banananovians, or the various continents in the colonization simulation.

Make a prediction: if the British leave India, what's going to happen?

To get the extra credit today, write the following on a sheet of scrap paper: "Nice beard, Mr. Frantz. I read and discussed this leap-blog with ___________." Then, have the adult you discussed it with sign on the line.

Picture of Gandhi with quote
Image Credit: TheSayGi

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