Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It seems as though Mr. Cowells, Mr. Swanson, and Mr. Frantz watch Gandhi the way I read The Hunger Games.   ...You know... stopping every few seconds or minutes to talk about how it ties in with social studies.

I'm sure it's super-annoying, but no doubt also super helpful.  There is SO much in that movie.  It's one of the top 3 things I'm asked every year by former students: have you started Gandhi yet?  And generally, it's followed by some accolade or another...  My point is the interruptions enhance the film rather than detract from it.

To get the extra credit tonight, discuss what you watched in class with an adult that you live with.  I want you to mention 3 different places the film was stopped and discussed.  Tell why Mr. Cowells (or whoever stopped the film) stopped it and what they were pointing out.

Finally, write down the following quote on a piece of paper, and have the adult sign it.  "I discussed three times the movie Gandhi stopped with the person who signed this paper."

One last thing.  I had some people ask about pictures of my new baby.  Here are a couple.  I'll add Mr. Frantz too.  I hope he doesn't mind.  He seems like a nice guy.

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