Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Over the Arab Spring

Here's another easy extra credit post.  I've entitled it, "All Over the Arab Spring" because we're all over it in class, and even though it started about 2 years ago, it's all over the news today.  I'm posting 4 articles from various news sources about countries in the Middle East that have had uprisings.

Your job is to read one of them and discuss the article with a parent or adult.  Once you discuss it, write down 3 ways it ties in with what we're studying.  Have the adult sign the paper, and turn it in in the extra credit tray.

Article 1 comes from the New York Times, and discusses the country of Jordan - and their King.  (I should mention that I recently watched an appearance by King Abdullah II of Jordan on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.)

Article 2 comes from Yahoo! News, and deals with the fallout from Egypts newly elected President deciding he should be the only one in charge in that country.  I'm pretty sure Egypt will be dominating the news within the next couple of days.

Article 3 comes from Fox News, and revolves around a Saudi army official who was shot by Yemeni gunmen.  Both countries have had Arab Spring protests.

Article 4 comes from CNN, and details some more of what's going on in Syria.  As most of us know, the fighting there has been intense, and bloody.  The article states upwards of 40,000 have been killed in what may now be called a Civil War.

The instructions for how to get extra credit are above.  If you want to watch the King Abudullah II interview, I've embedded the first part below.

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