Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Government Pictures - Quiz Yourself

Do you have the power to do whatever you want in a limited government?  Do you have the power to do whatever you want in an unlimited government?

Students sometimes have a difficult time with pronouns - particularly the pronoun "you."  Students (and others when writing informally) use this word to indicate various pronouns...  For instance, you can mean me, or them.  So, students sometimes say - incorrectly - that in an unlimited government, you have unlimited power.

This is only true if the you in that statement refers to the government.

The citizens living in an unlimited government definitely do NOT have unlimited power.

In class, we also traded pictures.  We tried to figure out which government was being portrayed, quizzing each other.  Some were easy, some were not.  How well the students did depended both on how well the pictures were drawn - both artistically, and accurately - as well as whether or not the student looking at the picture new the answer.

Here are some examples, (Click the pictures to enlarge them):

The first quiz comes from Jana Fisher:

The second quiz comes from Eliut Ramirez:

If you want the extra credit, read and discuss the blog with an adult.  Then, take the two quizzes.  (You may use your chart.)  Discuss the pictures from one of the quizzes with an adult.  Explain to them why each picture is a good representation of that type of government.  Have the adult sign your paper.  Turn it in tomorrow.


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